Dealing with drug side effects

Like almost all modern medicine antidiabetics has a board spectrum of pharmacological side effects with the most common being hypoglycemia and gastrointestinal side effects. If such side effects occur during your treatment you must consult your doctor. You can try to prevent or even relief such symptoms by:

  • e7Frequently check your vitamin B12 levels and make sure they stay in the right levels especially if you are using metformin (Glucophage).
  • Silymarin (milk thistle) has hepatoprotective effects and especially in diabetic patients with nephropathy has been shown to offer some kind of protection in their kidneys.
  • Probiotics can help alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, lactose intolerance and symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Psylium can help diabetic patients have better gastric tolerance to metformin.
  • Psylium and Glucommanan has also been helpful in controlling gastrointestinal side effects of the anti-obesity drug orlistat (Xenical) that may occur during treatment.

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Always talk to your doctor before consuming any kind of supplement.
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