Diabetes and erectile dysfunction


Almost half of diabetic men experience erection difficulties. According to experts, insulin-dependent patients are usually at more risk of developing problems of erectile dysfunction. To achieve an erection the assistance of both the nervous and vascular system is required and unfortunately diabetes can cause various complications such as angiopathy responsible for inadequate blood supply to the penis and neuropathy that causes disruption of neural functions necessary for erection.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction sometimes depends on the level of damage that diabetes has caused in the vascular or nervous system. The smaller the damage, the better the therapeutic effects of the treatment to be prescribed by your doctor.

There are many natural therapeutic approaches to the problem of erectile dysfunction. The amino acid citrulline particularly in combination with the extract of pine bark (pycnogenol) can significantly help in the bloodstream, thus facilitating to achieve an erection and studies have proven to be a potent combination of ingredients for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Two very well-known herbs that have been used for centuries for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is the Ginseng and the Horny Goat Weed.

Finally the lack of basic trace element zinc has been linked to low libido and even testosterone.

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