Diabetes and eye health


If blood glucose levels remain uncontrolled for a long period of time, damages can occur in the tiny blood vessels that are leading to the retina of the eye, causing retinopathy or cataract.

Early damage caused by diabetes in the eyes may be reversed if your doctor controls effectively your blood sugar and blood pressure. But when retinopathy is left untreated to reach a more advanced stage, the degeneration of the retina, may need special laser procedures to avoid worsening damage.

It is therefore important for a diabetic patient to frequently check the health his eyes to an ophthalmologist.

At times they have been tested  in studies , with general good results , natural substances such as antioxidants carotenoids (lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin), amino acids such as taurine and herbal extracts such as those of the fruits of blueberry and leaves of Ginkgo biloba for maintaining good eye health.

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