During Medication

Your doctor will define your individual medication routine. However, if your blood sugar levels remains unsatisfactory or you would like to be introduced in a multi-active management of the disease apart from the medication and the appropriate nutritional habits and exercise, also includes the supplemental intake of natural products that have been proven through studies to be beneficiary for patients, we would suggest the following:

  • e7Frequently check your vitamin B12 levels and make sure they stay in the right levels especially if you are using metformin (Glucophage).
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus patients that their diabetes was uncontrolled by metformin and glyburide, taking aloe vera or chromium picolinate in combination with biotin has helped them to stabilize their blood sugar levels more easily.
  • positive results have been observed to patients that together with their usual medication were taking Silymarin (milk thistle) or Psyllium. In two studies it was recorded a reduction in glycosylated haemoglobin and in their body mass index.

Many of the above helpful nutritional agents are combined in multi-formulas.


Tips: keep vitamin B12 levels at the upper normal limits, especially if you are taking metformin. You can use nutritional supplements like chromium and biotin, Aloe, sylimarinin (milk thistle) to control blood sugar naturally for 2-3 months and then break off for 1 month. Measure your blood sugar levels frequently to evaluate the course of treatment and avoid hypoglycemia.

For those who would like use special natural supplements our website provides multi-formulas that offer a combination of elements for controlling your blood sugar. Please follow the instructions for the consumption of these products.

Please refer to our “Studies and Research” page for more information and references.
Always talk to your doctor before consuming any kind of supplement.
Frequently check our “News and scientific Updates” section to stay in touch with the latest scientific breakthroughs.