Prevention – Prediabetes

The prevention of developing type 2 diabetes is perhaps the most essential and effective way of dealing with the disease.  Nutrition plays the most important role together with frequent exercise and medical check-ups.

For the prevention of the disease we could also suggest the following

  • e7Frequently check your vitamin D and magnesium status and make sure they stay in the normal limits avoiding shortcomings.
  • Drink lots of green tea.
  • Add a good quality cinnamon product to your snacks.
  • Use a probiotic supplement or probiotic enriched products especially when you are taking antibiotic medications or if you feel your immune system is weak.
  • Add artichokes in your diet regiment.
  • Replace sugar with a natural sweetener of your choice (e.g stevia).
  • The intake of biotin is perfectly safe and can help keep your insulin producing cells healthy and active and can even metabolise carbs faster.
  • If it’s hard for you to resist eating sugary foods or foods with a high carbohydrate content consider consuming white kidney bean extract (Phase 2) which can help you gradually absorb a smaller quantity of carbohydrates than the one you consumed. Of course you must avoid over eating.



Advice: try to keep your vitamin D and magnesium levels in the higher normal limits. If you have more chances of developing the disease (e.g. genetic predisposition) consider supplementing with Biotin. If you can’t consume frequently large amounts of green tea or cinnamon consider taking them in the supplemental form.

Please refer to our “Studies and Research” page for more information and references.
Always talk to your doctor before consuming any kind of supplement.
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