Return policy

In case of a mistake from our company, there is a full refund corresponding to the value of your order and the shipping costs.

In case the delivered products have expired we fully refund you in correspondence to the value of your order and the shipping costs.
In case the product has a defect and is being covered by the warranty, there is a replacement in consultation with the product’s company.
Returns are being accepted after consultation and only if the products are unused and remain in their original condition.
In case of using the product or altering their original packing, the return is not acceptable.
Refunds are made within 30 days from the return and the receipt of the products from our company.

The refund is made with the same payment method used to complete the order. In cases of cash on delivery or bank deposit, you have to state to us the account in which the deposit will be made. For the returns, the retail receipt is necessary. In case of invoicing, the return should be made with a consignment note.

In case where the return is not made within 12 calendar days from the receipt day or some of the conditions of return are not fulfilled, the has the right not to accept the products back and not to proceed in their replacement.

In case the payment is made by credit card, the transaction will be cancelled and your credit card will be updated.

Before you return the product you should contact the return department of (email: [email protected]). Changes on products which constitute content of an offer package cannot be accepted. The entire package will be replaced.

The address in which the products will return to is:

Pharmacy Natalia Pappa
Christou Patsi 7, 45332, Ioannina