Vitamin B12

Although vitamin B12 does not seem to have any direct effect on the prevention or treatment of diabetes, however, the maintenance of normal levels is important for the health generally and even more to patients receiving anti-diabetic treatment (metformin).

Metformin (Glucophage) even if it consitsts an integral part for diabetes Type 2 treatment, as a medicine appears with a few side effects. So, sometimes the treatment with metformin may cause inadequacy at vitamin’s B12 levels in the organism of the patient, a fact that in turn may lead to anemia or neuropathies (Prescrire Int. 2014 Nov23).

The greater the dose of metformin supplied to the patient, the more the reduction in B12 levels if there is initially a side effect (Liu Q, PLos One. 2014 Jun 24).

There are clinical studies that support the frequent blood check of Type 2 diabetic patients on metformin, especially if the intake is taking place for a long time and in large doses (Ko SH, J Korean MedSci).

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