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For providing alternative methods regarding diets with low glycemic marker foods, studies have been conducted concerning substances and relative products that have the ability to delay the absorption of carbs from the human body and as a result they create a more stable and gradual release of food glucoses.  These products are able to achieve the above result due to their specific substances and their competitive effect that can delay the acting of body enzymes such as alpha amylases, which break down the carbohydrates turning them into simple sugars for absorption. The common white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) produces such an inhibitor of alpha amylase, which has been tested extensively in clinical studies (Marilyn L Barrett, Nutr J. 2011; 10:24).

As a dietary supplement with the commercial name Phase 2, essentially an extract of white bean, more likely addressed to those interested in losing weight or to those who cannot resist easily to candies or foods with high quantity of carbs.

In the most notable studies, which were mainly conducted to overweight people, the white bean extract:

– At doses of 445 mg for 30 days taken before main meals with high amount of carbohydrate, managed to reduce the weight, fat and also thighs and waist of the volunteers who participated in the study. (Leonardo Celleno, Int J Med Sci 2007).

– At doses of 1.000mg per tablet, taken 3 times a day, 15 minutes before the main meal for 60 days, also managed to help the volunteers to whom it was supplied to reduce their weight (Wu X, Journal of Applied Research. 2010).

– At doses of 2.000mg a day for 12 weeks (1 capsule of 1000mg twice a day), the participants who received the treatment, succeeded in losing aproximately 1.4lb of their body weight but they also managed to reduce the levels of triglycerides of blood compared to the people who received placebo-capsules. (Koike T J New Rem & Clin, Japanese, 2005)

There are also indications in the studies conducted, that the white bean extract can also help those trying to control their diabetes. Taking into account the results of the relevant studies, we can draw  the conclusion that the white bean extract Phase 2 has managed to reduce the postprandial diabetes of those who received it before meal, a result related to the supplement’s dose which became more obvious when in bigger doses (3000mg) where it achieved the reduction of the postprandial glucose in the blood (Marilyn L Barrett, Nutr J. 2011; 10:24)

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