Who we are

We run a pharmacy business in northwestern Greece. Our team is consisted of a Pharmacist, an Ergophisiologist and an Agricultural & Food Engineer. For many years now we aim to keep up with the scientific research regarding natural and alternative treatments used for the management of the most common health issues. On many occasions we have been asked to give advice through an alternative approach to people who were dealing with diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Our goal is to put together and evaluate the research together with our knowledge the best way possible, towards the maximum positive influence of the use of food supplements and their disposal to our customers regarding the information provided as well as the nutritional supplements of high quality (vitamins, minerals, herbs, aminoacids etc.) according to their individual needs.

We try to focus mainly on clinical studies and researches conducted on humans and not to ordinary laboratory studies or studies conducted on laboratory animals.  We believe that with this approach we maximize the benefits and we ensure the safety of using these products within the guidelines of their production companies and the doctors’ orders.

After evaluating the benefits deriving from a supplement or a natural substance we try to find and suggest the best possible combination customized to our customer’s needs.

We advise our customers to speak with their doctors (especially when they are under medication) to inform their doctor if they decide to try  food supplements but we never stop supporting our belief that that nature holds many answers to the prevention and even to the supplemental treatment of many diseases in combination with conventional medicine.

Natural supplements usually don’t work instantly, they need some time for their possible effects to take place and it requires continuous intake for maintaining those effects from then and on like when correcting nutritional deficiencies. Thus, their long term usage may not be cheap. We take that into consideration trying to provide our clients with the best, inexpensive and effective in the long term offers, to enable financial their repetitive purchases and reward them according to their precedency. You can receive all information through our website.

Every day we follow the updates of scientific research and the medical breakthroughs, clinical studies on health improvements achieved by consumption of natural substances, healthy diet habits and exercise.  We try to collect and offer all the information to those who follow us through our blog and the social media.

Through our e-shop we try to provide our clients with products that are supported by scientific research, from companies that follow high quality standards (either GMP certificates, ISO 22000, Kosher etc.) and have competitive prices.